Craftsmanship - 01

An Uncommon Commitment
to Craftsmanship

Our thoughtfully curated collection of singular pieces isn’t the only thing that makes us unique; our work exemplifies a level of craftsmanship and artistry that is rare in the industry. We’ve spent years mastering the time-honored Old World techniques that enable us to create stunningly realistic cast stone reproductions. But we’re also committed to evaluating and perfecting new technologies that can turn today’s contemporary pieces into a future generation’s beloved antiques.

Our commitment to the finest quality, materials and craftsmanship often results in our pieces taking a bit longer to create, but we think a few extra days or weeks is a small sacrifice when you’re creating something made to last for centuries.

The Perfect Patina

We offer six hand-applied patinas, each shown on our Large Pineapple Plaque. Because our finishes are always applied by hand, no two pieces will ever be alike. Please use the color samples pictured to guide you, or better yet call us at 910.817.9450 and we will send you a hand-finished sample for a small fee.

Patinas from Left to Right:
Ancient Age (AA), Aged Stone (AS), Amber Green (AG), Light Walnut (LW), Dark Walnut (DW)

Antique Reproductions


After decades or even centuries of standing up to the elements, many of the originals we find are in varying states of disrepair. As the first step in our process, we go to work making any necessary structural repairs. It’s important to note that we don’t “fix” the small imperfections that come with age; those are what give each piece its sense of authenticity and charm. We only repair what is necessary to protect the original throughout the reproduction process.

Once the piece is stable, we employ a weeks-long moldmaking process, and then cast the reproduction from an extremely fine cast-stone aggregate that is strong, weather resistant, and capable of capturing the finest and most minute details.

The Unique Stone difference is most visible in our finishing process. We not only perfect each piece as it is removed from the mold, we’ve also developed a proprietary collection of Old World colors and a specific aging technique that replicates the finishes found on pieces that have been weathering the elements for years.

Craftsmanship - 2

Garden Collection


Gnomes and elves. Saints and angels. Animals and children. There are many collections of charming figures and woodland creatures designed to grace gardens and smaller spaces, and on first glance it’s easy to think that ours are more of the same. But if you look closely, you’ll see the Unique Stone difference.

Unlike other garden ornaments, ours are made with the same meticulous casting techniques and finishes that we use on our antique reproductions. We start with the highest quality composition stone, ensure that no mold seam is ever visible, and finish each piece by hand for a distinctive, one-of-a-kind appearance. Beautiful, timeless, and made to last for generations, our treasures add a sense of established charm to any garden.