Caring for Cast Stone

  • When Setting Up Fountains:
    • Ensure that the pedestal is on a solid, level surface to prevent tipping.
    • Level each piece as it is installed, using plastic or wood shims as necessary.
    • Use clear silicone or putty between pieces to ensure water doesn’t leak down center of fountain.
  • Once Your Fountain is Up & Running:
    • Keep all debris out of fountains and bowls.
    • Clear pump of any debris that has accumulated around it.
    • Add a capful of bleach, if desired, to the water to keep algae from forming.
  • Prior to Winter and Freezing Weather:

    Unique Stone Items are made of concrete, which has a tendency to expand and contract with temperature changes. Do not allow water to collect in the bowls of fountains, birdbaths, or planters when temperatures are below freezing. If you are unable to store your items inside during freezing weather, please protect them as follows:

    • Drain and cover bowls with waterproof material to protect against moisture and freezing temperatures. If you live in conditions that are conducive to temperatures dipping below 20ºF, make sure the entire fountain is covered.
    • Do not allow ice to form in any piece that can hold water.
    • Do not allow pieces to stand in ice.

    By following these instructions for every season, you will be able to enjoy our fountains and birdbaths for years to come.